Columbia College Chicago

November 30, 2012

GoPrint Cards (aka, OMNIPRINT) now available in the Library

GoPrint Vending Machine
GoPrint Station

The Library is now able to provide print cards for purchase.  The OMNIPRINT CARD  is available via the GoPrint Vending Machine on the first floor of the Library near the staircase. This service is available to ALL library visitors.

The initial purchase of the card requires $1.00; 50 cents is deducted for the card, and the remaining credit is for future print use.  Print cards can have more credits added with paper cash; coins are not accepted by the card dispenser. Each printed page costs 10 cents.
Omniprint Card

Unless you plan to do a lot of printing, we suggest that you add only enough money for immediate printing needs or to keep a small amount of credit on your print card in case it is lost or stolen.  If either happens, you will need to purchase a new card.

The OMINIPRINT CARD works only on the first floor black and white printer, and all print jobs are retrieved on the first floor  If you have questions, the Access Services Staff will be able to assist you.

Please note that the OMNIPRINT CARD is not for use with copiers.

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