Columbia College Chicago

May 28, 2010

Changes to I-Share Catalog

Have you ever requested a book from another library? I-Share, the system we use for those requests is getting a makeover!

New features include:

  • Create your own account name!
  • Keep a favorites list.
  • Search from one simple search box.
  • Narrow your topic by author, topic, language, and more in a single click.

Create A New Account

The first time you use the new I-Share you will be required to create an account. Click here for more information on how to create an new account in I-Share.

May 18, 2010

Manifest 2010

These are the some of the many faces and artwork at Columbia College Chicago during Manifest. Congratulations to all of our graduating students; we wish you the best! And a very happy summer to all!

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May 14, 2010

Third Annual Library Haiku Contest Winner--Annie Jo Kjar

For the last three years, the Columbia College Chicago Library, with the support of the Office of Student Affairs, has sponsored its annual Haiku Contest as part of Manifest. Each year has specific themes and all students are invited to submit haiku based on those themes. For 2010, they are: libraries, knowledge, learning, books, literacy and reading.

This year's winning haiku is by Annie Jo Kjar:

If you are certain
The words are an adventure...
Please take me with you
-Annie Jo Kjar

Honorable Mention

Turn on all the lights
Then read in bed, sleepy head.
Doze off on page twelve.
-Chloe Godard

I slayed a dragon.
Inside of this adventure.
Hiding in my book.
-Tye Hasberry

If I must be caps,
Shouldn't We and Us be too?
What about Hers His and Yours?

-Stephanie Eckermann

Congratulations to our winners and to everyone who submitted their work to our contest. Each entry was judged by a panel of Library staff and English department faculty. Many thanks to all of them: Kristy Bowen, Jacob Saenz, Roland Hansen, Kim Hale, John Moss, Nicole Wilson and Tony Trigilio. Special thanks to Dieter Kirkwood who designed the graphic for the wall installation.

Stop by the Library to see Annie's haiku on the first floor landing during Manifest and beyond!

May 11, 2010

Free Coffee in the Library During Finals Week!

Studying late for finals? Need a little pick me up? Stop by the Library for a free cup of coffee during finals week to help get you through!

When and where, you ask?

Monday May 10th - Thursday May 13th, 2010 from 6:00-9:00pm at the Coffee Cart
(first floor of the Library), courtesy of your friends at the Library!

Good luck on finals!

Congratulations To Our Graduating Library Student Workers!

Here's to our graduating library student workers! We appreciate your hard work during your time with us and wish you the very best in your future. We'll miss you!

Circulation / Audiovisual Department
Amanda Alt
Lauren Hales
Chadd Kline
Justine Kline
Danny Rocha
Sara Nichols
Dan Walsh

Digital Collections
Juan Fernandez
Elise Tanner

Technical Services/Cataloging
Lisa Wilhelm

Library Marketing and Outreach

Danielle Laurion
Izzy Oneiric

Library/Office of Academic Research
Lizzie Perkins

Sandra Goldfield
Luke A. Wieting