Columbia College Chicago

January 31, 2008

Art of the Library Reception

We hope you can join us at the Art of the Library Opening and Reception for our upcoming Exhibition!

Refreshments will be served

When: Thursday, 02/07/08, 5-7pm
Where: Columbia College Chicago Library, Third Floor (624 S. Michigan Avenue)

Art of the Library is an ongoing series (four times a year) of exhibitions featuring the art of Columbia College Chicago students, faculty and staff. More information is available at:

January 29, 2008

Some word processing tips and tricks

Do any of these scenarios sound familiar?

You saved your paper to disc or flash drive, only to find that it doesn't open properly next time you try to work on it?

You *thought* you saved your paper to your disc, but it's nowhere to be found?

You stayed up all night finishing your essay and all that's left to do is print but you've left the disc or flash drive at home?

The new Microsoft Office 2007 interface just isn't doing it for you?

Free online word processing sites offer an alternative to these scenarios--you just sign up for a free account and then type away. Work is saved as you go along and you can just log back into it next time you need it. Now, AS LONG AS YOU HAVE INTERNET ACCESS, there's no more digging around for that tiny flash drive, hoping that you remembered the right disc or worrying that you won't be able to open up your file.

Here are a few free online word processing options that you can experiment with:

Google Docs & Spreadsheets: If you've got a Gmail account, you already have a Google Docs account, too.

Zoho Writer: Free registration gives you access to the Zoho word processing system. Zoho also offers spreadsheet and other presentation applications.

AjaxWrite: AjaxWrite requires the Mozilla Firefox browser. In addition to word processing, they also have spreadsheet applications and even a graphic drawing tool and music player.

(note: this post is back by popular demand! It was originally posted in June 2007)

January 23, 2008

Be eccentric! Read a book!

A humorous take on reading in the modern world from the Onion:

Area Eccentric Reads Entire Book

Library resumes regular hours next week

It may be (or at least feel like) below zero outside, but spring is just around the corner! Spring Semester, that is. The Library will resume its regular hours starting on the first day of Spring Semester, next Monday January 28th. Come on in and warm up with some coffee or tea, a good book and a database or two.

January 8, 2008

The well-wired use the Library

An article from this week's New York Times reports that those with faster internet connections at home or at work are more likely to have used the Library recently. Read the whole article HERE Read the Pew Internet: Libraries Report that this article refers to.

January 2, 2008

Resolve to use the Library more often in 2008!

This year, as always, the Library is here for you. Want to read more in 2008? Ask us about interlibrary loan and I-Share and get all the books you want for free! Maybe you want to polish your database searching skills? Remember, you'll not only help yourself when it comes time to do research, but database searching is a marketable skill. Or perhaps you'd like to support the Library while supporting your caffeine habit and will start to purchase your daily dose(s) from the Library's coffee cart?

Whatever your New Year's resolutions, the Library can help! We're still on holiday hours (8am-5pm) through the end of this week and then will be open 8am-7pm through the J-term (closed on weekends). Use our service anytime!

Happy New Year from the Columbia College Chicago Library!