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March 29, 2012

Earth Hour - Sat. 3/31 at 8:30pm

Saturday, March 31 at 8:30 pm is Earth Hour.
Join the movement and turn it all off for 60 minutes.

Want to learn more about Earth Hour?  Visit

March 27, 2012

Edible Books, Tues April 3, 6-8pm

Edible Books & Tea - 13th Annual
Tuesday April 3, 6:00-8:00 p.m.  
624 S. Michigan Ave
3rd Floor North

Entry fee is $10, or FREE if you RSVP and bring an edible book. Enter the event using the downloadable form, available here.

(Used by permission: Illustration by Ivan Brunetti, cover for The Comic Book, a section of Nickelodeon's Monthly Magazine.)

Co-sponsored by the Center for Book and Paper Arts and the Columbia College Chicago Library. Proceeds benefit the Center for Book and Paper Arts equipment fund and the Friends of the Library.

March 23, 2012

Get Free eBooks!

Picture by Michael Porter

Spring break is right around the corner so what a great time to load up your eReader with FREE eBooks!

Free eBooks

Here is a list of places where you can download eBooks for free:

More Online eBook Resources

Comparison of eReaders

Not sure which eReader to get?  Here are some places that can help you sort out the different options:

Reader Comparison Guide

Do you know a good website for downloading free eBooks?  Please share it with us!

March 20, 2012

No Florida? Do Springbreak in Chicago!

SATURDAY 24 - Creative Chicago Expo
Creative Chicago Expo (FREE ADMISSION) started yesterday! It's at the other CCC (Chicago Cultural Center, enter on Washington or Randolph at Michigan Avenue). Today's focus is on the needs of creative individuals.

SUNDAY 25 - Bell'Italia and John Waters
This week's FREE performance series honors the Italian neighborhood, particularly Little Italy, with music, dance, colorful costumes, food and art...what's not to like?
Or perhaps this is your cup of chai...

Glessner House Museum, located at 1800 S. Prairie Ave. will host the premier of feature-length documentary film, Of Dolls and Murder narrated by JOHN WATERS. $15.00...not free but with all the money you're saving by not being in FL, you should totally go!

MONDAY 26 - Relax!
Chill out today...everyone needs some down some yoga or tai chi!

TUESDAY 27 - World Theatre Day
175 Days to Love Chicago: World Theatre Day 7pm
Join in the 50th Annual World Theatre Day celebration as local, national, and international theatre-makers come together with theater patrons and friends to explore the importance of cultivating a global perspective.

WEDNESDAY 28 - Clark House Museum
Clarke House (Chicago's oldest house) is doing FREE guided tours today on a first come, first serve basis. There's a limit of 12 per tour, so get there early. This is one of oldest establishments in the South Loop area...great if you didn't make it to the other "oldest establishment", the Glessner House, on Sunday night.

THURSDAY 29 - Nature Museum
Illinois residents get a free pass today at the Peggy Notabaert Nature Museum...the butterfly room is not to be missed!

FRIDAY 30 - Morbid Curiosity
MORBID CURIOSITY (MC) at the Cultural Center...MUST SEE!

MeMo Installation: research based project by artist and speculative designer, Jessica Charlesworth (4th floor lobby) and the big kahuna Richard Harris Collection which showcases nearly 1,000 works including creations by many of the greatest artists of all time; explores the iconography of death across a variety of artistic, cultural and spiritual practices from 2000 BCE to the present day.
Revive from all that darkness with some light(ness) in cupcake form at Sugar Bliss Cafe (55 E. Washington)...typical Friday flavors include pure chocolate, chocolate capuccino, vanilla coconut, lemon drop and more!
Head back to CC for more culture, if it's raining...there are SEVEN more cool exhibits unrelated to MC!
Or if it's sunny, GO STRAIGHT TO MILLENNIUM PARK for some rays! Tomorrow's another day:)

SATURDAY 31 - Roller Derby!
Round up the group and head for some rock'em-sock'em action at
UIC Pavillion 525 S. Racine 6:00PM, 2 matches:

Take advantage of ME+3 ticket price break...$20 each. Yes it's pricey but oh so FUN!!!

SUNDAY 1 - Maxwell Street Market
All jokes aside, check out the MAXWELL STREET MARKET, a Chicago tradition of bargains and bargaining with an international flavor on Desplaines St. at Roosevelt Road from 7am-3pm. Shopping, food, music and MORE DANCING!!!

If you've got a Chicago Public Library card, then you might just try to snag a MUSEUM PASSPORT. The passport is good for the general admission fee of up to FOUR people at once.

So, pick your adventure:
  • Witness the birth of a star
  • stare down menacing moray eels
  • come nose to antennae with fragile butterflies
  • sway upon the rigging of a huge schooner
  • wander galleries and marvel at both ancient and modern art
  • journey backward to a time when dinosaurs ruled the earth
  • step back just far enough to trace the growth and changes of Chicago and the nation

Then call the nearest public library to reserve a pass. [Good luck!!!]

Keep in mind that Columbia College students always get a free pass at the Museum of Contemporary Art located one block east of Michigan Ave at Chicago Ave. Just show your Columbia Card.

Join the Navy (Pier) crowd! Start with the interesting ride over via the #29 bus, continue with much walking around indoors and out. Finally, end with a stop at the PHOTOBOOTH, SIRI not included...seriously.

March 19, 2012

eBooks: Add Safari eBooks to your Moodle Class

Safari Tech Books Online is a collection of over 16,000 technology, digital media and business books available free of charge for Columbia College Chicago faculty, staff and students.  These books are great source for reference or supplemental reading and review material for your classes.  And, it’s easy to include links to these online books in your Moodle or OASIS class site for quick access by your students!

Start Reading
Last week I talked about how to browse the Safari Tech Books Online library and select an eBook to Start Reading.  Once you’ve clicked on the Start Reading button, you will see your eBook displayed in the reader window.  The interactive Table of Contents appears on the left-hand side of the page.  You can move directly to a specific chapter or page by clicking the listing in the table of contents.


Get the Right URL!
Once you’ve selected the chapter or selection you’d like to have your students read you need to get the correct URL to use in your Moodle class.  There is a URL button in the tool bar across the top of the reader window.

Click on the URL Button and the URL for that particular chapter will be displayed, ready for you to copy and paste into Moodle.

Don’t paste that URL yet!
Before you paste that URL into your Moodle link, it is very important that you add this to the beginning of the URL:

This will allow your students to view the Safari eBook when they are off-campus.  It makes for a very long URL to paste into Moodle but it’s very important that you remember to add this prefix.  Without this prefix your students won't be able to authenticate into the Safari database.

So, the complete URL you need to paste into Moodle will look something like this:

On to Moodle:
And here’s what the link will look like when you set it up in Moodle:


And here is what your students will see as they look at their class page: 

Using Safari Tech Books online and Moodle is a perfect way to provide your students with easy access to great online resources!

March 16, 2012

How Do I Find a Book?

Does the idea of tracking down a book in the Library fill you with dread? Help is on the way...

To find a book, you have to know two things: call number and floor. The call number is a series of numbers, letters, and a decimal point. Look for the call number in the book information in Library Search.

The Library has different collections (Scores, Career, Reserves, Film Scripts) on 5 floors. The biggest is the Main Collection on floors 3, 4, and 5. Call numbers of books in the Main Collection do not indicate which floor the book is on.

Here's a cheat sheet:

Main Collection Call Number Locations
001-739 - 3rd floor
740-799 - 4th floor
800-999 - 5th floor

Don't memorize that! Just check the floor guides near the elevators. Or use the floor directory.

1. Once you find the right floor, look for the first three numbers in the call number. These are in number order: 800 comes before 803, which comes before 810.

2. Now look for any numbers that come after the decimal point. These are in decimal order: 800.01 comes before 800.1, which comes before 800.25.

3. Then look for a letter, in alphabetical order: 800.01 G comes before 800.01 R, which comes before 800.01 Y.

If you can't find a book, ask a Library staff person for help. Hope this makes finding a book easier!

Trivia: What call number system does CCC Library use? Let us know in the comments! (Hint: decimal is part of its name.)

March 13, 2012

The "At Your Service" Faculty Expo

Next week the Library will host an exciting event just for Columbia College Chicago faculty:

Tuesday March 20th + Wednesday March 21st, 2012
11:30 am – 1:30 pm
Columbia College Chicago Library, 624 S. Michigan Ave.
3rd floor north reading room
We’ll have prizes, refreshments, a relaxed environment for networking, and knowledgeable Library liaisons to answer your questions about services especially for you.
Faculty members will have the opportunity to win: an iPod Touch, a $50 gift card for Pockets, or a $25 gift card from Kingoberry and more!  

To participate, just fill out the attached form below and submit it to the 2nd floor Library Reference Desk between 8am Monday, March 12th,  and 1pm Wednesday March 21st, 2012.  Winners will be selected and announced at the Faculty Expo on March 21st.
Take advantage of this unique opportunity to connect with Library staff and resources. The Expo will be a great opportunity to learn more about the resources the Library has to enrich your teaching and research needs.  

Look for our ads in the Columbia Chronicle in this and next week's issues. For more information, contact: Cole Robertson at or x7427

The Official Rules for the At Your Service Faculty Expo Drawing: Participants must submit an entry form between 8am 3/12/12 and 1pm 3/21/12 to be eligible to receive a chance for a prize. Entry card must be filled out and placed in entry box (located at library 2nd floor reference desk) for random drawing. One entry per person. No purchase necessary to enter or receive a prize. Odds of winning will depend on the total number of entries received. Library staff and family members are ineligible to participate. Entrants must be teaching at least one course at Columbia College Chicago at the time of the drawing. Contact information gathered can be used for further marketing efforts by the Library at a later date. Void where prohibited by law.

March 12, 2012

eBooks: Browsing Safari Tech Books

Have you had a chance to browse through the Safari Books Online digital collection yet?  Safari Tech Books Online is a collection of over 16,000 technology, digital media and business books that are available free of charge to Columbia College Chicago faculty, staff and students.

Browse Safari Online
The book selection in the Safari digital library covers a wide range of topics (click here for a complete listing of all the Safari Tech Book categories available).  You can browse for books by category, conduct a keyword search, view recently added titles, most popular titles or scroll through the 16,000 titles listed by date, popularity or alphabetical order.

Start Reading
Once you've found the book you want to read, click the START READING button.

This will take you to a page that contains an interactive table of contents, your eBook text and a selection of tools icons across the top of the page that will help you interact with your eBook.

You can find out more information about eBooks at Columbia here.  Happy Browsing!!

March 5, 2012

eBooks: Safari Books Online

Are you ready to go on Safari?

I’m hoping that you are familiar with the college’s subscription to and are already taking advantage of the hundreds of technology training videos available to Columbia faculty, staff and students free of charge.  But did you know that there are thousands of  technology ebooks available for you use for free through the  Safari Tech Books Online subscription at the Columbia College Chicago Library?

What are Safari Tech Books Online?
Safari Tech Books Online was started in 2001 by O’Reilly Media, Inc. and Pearson Technology Group with the aim of gathering the best technology books available and creating an on-demand digital library.  Today over 40 publishers participate in creating content for this online library of over 15,000 ebooks.  Look for books by publishers such as Adobe Press, Peachpit Press, Microsoft Press, APress, SAMS and more.

What kind of Technology eBooks are available?
One of the advantages of a collection like Safari Tech Books Online is their ability to keep the eBook content up-to-date.  It is easy for Safari to update the online library so that new eBooks can be uploaded as soon as they are released, letting you keep current in your training as software versions change.   You can view a complete listing of eBook categories available which include topics and products that range from Microsoft Office and Adobe Photoshop, to computer programming and Web Design, to accounting and project management, to Skype, Facebook and Twitter.

Where can I find Safari Tech Books Online?
All of the Safari Tech books are discoverable when you search the Library Catalog.  However, if you would like to see just the Safari Tech Book Online collection, click on the Databases A-Z link on the Library’s main page and then scroll down to the Safari Link under the S Tab.

More information about eBooks at Columbia can be found in the eBooks Research Guide.

We'd like to hear from you - faculty are you recommending Safari Tech Books online for your students?  Students - any of your teachers using the Safari Tech Books in your class yet?