Columbia College Chicago

January 24, 2014

5 Tips for Starting the Semester Off Right

  1. Don't skip the first day of class. You'll find out more information about the class and most importantly get an idea of what the professor expects of you.
  2. Stay organized! Make your planner your best friend this semester and don't miss an assignment! Planners are available at the Columbia bookstore or online. (
  3. Ask questions. You'll be glad you got everything cleared up before classes start to get more intense. Visit your professor during office hours. They'll be happy to help!
  4. Be optimistic! Embrace the fresh new start and look forward to it. You can become an even better student this semester! 
  5. Visit the Library. It's a versatile place where you can print your homework, borrow your textbooks, get help with your research, and so much more! 
(Thanks to Jenna Stolz for helping compile this list!)