Columbia College Chicago

June 27, 2011

The Columbia Chronicle Collection

The Columbia Chronicle represents the most complete record of student life at Columbia College Chicago over the past four decades. Beginning as CC Writer in 1973, the Chronicle has won more than 400 national awards since 1995. Now, more than 700 past issues of the newspaper are available online at:

To celebrate the online launch of the Columbia Chronicle collection, stop by the Library, 624 S. Michigan Ave., first floor, and view a display highlighting historical issues.

The Library display runs through November 25, 2011.

June 6, 2011

VIDEO: The Language of War Panel

What language do we use to talk about war? How does this language affect our understanding of war and impact those who fight? On April 13 the Library hosted “The Language of War”, a panel discussion that included combat veterans and anti-war activists exploring these questions as part of The Big Read, featuring Tim O’Brien’s Vietnam War classic The Things They Carried.

The panelists were Pat Hunt, from the Chicago chapter of CodePink, Vietnam War combat veteran Barry Romo, Iraq War combat veteran Anthony Wagner, and Louis Silverstein, Distinguished Professor of Humanities at Columbia College Chicago as moderator and panelist. Some highlights:

Anthony Wagner

Barry Romo