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May 3, 2012

Show Your Parents Chicago's Best!

Are your parents in from out of town? Show them a little of Chicago's best this weekend!

  • Willis Tower

    On May 3rd, The Ledge at Willis Tower celebrated its 39th birthday! Missed it? No worries, it’s great to go there any day.

  • Chicago Cultural Center & Park Grill

    Here’s an activity pod made for parents!

    First, visit the Chicago Cultural Center (78 East Washington Street)! This beautiful landmark is the nation's first free municipal cultural center, is one of the city's ten most popular attractions and it’s considered one of the most comprehensive arts showcases in the United States, presenting more than 800 free cultural programs a year. As home of two magnificent stained-glass domes, free music, dance and theater events, films, lectures, art exhibitions and family events, there’s always something going on.

    Then, move across the street and have a bite at the Park Grill!

    Yes, it IS under the BEAN!!!

  • Marylin statue in Pioneer Court

    OK, this one is outdoors but it’s the last chance to look up…I mean, at Marilyn’s dress!

    She's slated to leave Pioneer Court on Monday, May 7th!

  • Tulips on the Magnificent Mile

    Also, if you can stand it, take a stroll along the Mag Mile… and look at the floral fabulousness…such as Tulipa Maggie Daley!

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