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September 21, 2011

Technology help when you need it

Having trouble editing that video you just shot? Want to know how to retouch photos like the pros? Want to redesign your website so it’s mobile-friendly? We can help! There are two great resources available to assist you with your technology questions, both of which can be accessed with your OASIS login.
This College resource features video tutorials on a wide array of topics, complete with screen caps and visual examples of demonstrations. Lynda is a wonderful resource for those who don't learn well through books, and can help you gain an overview of a familiar topic or learn a totally new skill. Videos lead you through the process or program step by step, teaching you the technical skills and the core concepts behind them.

Safari Tech Books
This Library resource consists of more than 12,000 online e-books, and is a great reference for those who don’t learn well through video or who need to look up specific facts. E-books are presented much the same way as paper books, complete with chapters, indices, screen caps, and diagrams. The main advantage of an e-book, however, is the ability to keyword search. You can find the specific tool, trick, skill, or shortcut to meet your needs quickly and efficiently.

Lynda + Safari Tech Books... Figuring out technology, so you don't have to on your own.

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