Columbia College Chicago

May 14, 2009

Haiku Contest Submissions 2009
Eyes fixed on the screen, / the forgotten page now blank; / the written word dies -Vanessa Pegramabout

Essence of a voice / It speaks in rhymes / Born between each breath - Joy Young

Call me Anarchist / Cuz I'd rather be burning / Starbucks and not books - Justin Dickman

Bradbury's intent / Fire no longer exists / Ink extinguishes - Brittain Williams

Burnt embers of books / Only give heat for so long. / But their words don't cool.- Vanessa Pegram

Calling of the crows / As the snow buries them deep / Leaving them frozen - Joy Young

Who is Guy Montag / What is he really burning / With his so-called life - Justin Dickman

Bruised fingers typing / Dissatisfied with T.V. / Bradbury's Future. - Brittain Williams

What would you accept / as true without resources? / Could you find the truth? - Kate Donalek

See the pile of books? / Why are you holding a match? / Educational. - Sarah Nichols

One triangle here. / More and more come from another. / Everlasting fractal. - Joyce Ogban

An honest day's work / Is not worth more in the bush / Until you've done none. - Mark Perkins

Knowledge is obtained / Through books, poems, and films, / Pictures. See. Illustrated man. Brandon Marshall

I found a new word / Guess it escaped from the flames / Imagination - Charlsey Miller

time, redirected / freeze your slang - your expressions / burnished beings be - Jaclyn Capozzoli

Words, unlike the flame / Will ignite your soul's knowledge, and can not burn out. - Vanessa Pegram

The black horned Beauty / With its poisonous embrace / Wings filled with soft bliss - Joy Young

Sirens pierced our ears / War is on the radio / Follow the river - Justin Dickman

Reasons to write / Four hundred and fifty one / ink and paper live - Brittain Williams

Could you think if you / hadn't been taught, hadn't learned? / What would you believe? - Kate Donalek

I eat my burger/ I like tomato on it/ Many Mayonnaise - Harlan Vaughn

words being essence / of thoughts blossoming between / our self and others - Kate Donalek

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