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January 20, 2009

Facebook and CNN bring you the Obama Inauguration

Before watching the inauguration online (streaming in the Library Instruction Classroom) I tuned in via and logged in to see posts from Facebook users. Turns out I wasn't the only one - not by a long shot!

Mindblowing Numbers From the Obama Inauguration
via Mashable! by Pete Cashmore on 1/20/09

Data below from

Facebook and CNN have released numbers for their live streaming partnership today, which allowed Facebook users to provide live commentary on the CNN feed.
The stats released, as of noon ET:
1. There were 200,000+ status updates through the Facebook integration on
2. at that time, 3,000 people commented on the Facebook CNN feed per minute
3. Obama’s Facebook Fan Page has more than 4 million fans and in excess of 500,000 wall posts
As of 11.45am, CNN:
-had served 13.9 million live video streams globally since 6am
-had broken its all time total daily streaming record (from Election Day) of 5.3 million live streams.
Impressive numbers indeed.
Updated Afternoon Numbers
Update: Facebook sent us fresh numbers for the period up until 1.15pm ET. These totals include the morning figures:
1. 600,000 status updates posted through the Live Facebook feed
2. Facebook averaged 4,000 status updates per minute during the broadcast
3. 8,500 status updates were posted during the first minute of Obama’s speech
4. “Millions” of people logged into Facebook during the broadcast

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