Columbia College Chicago

May 29, 2008

Possee Foundation to Visit Library Next Week

Next week the library will host three groups of students from the Posse Foundation.
These students are from public high schools and have undergone intensive Pre-Collegiate Training in order to be enrolled in top-tier universities nationwide. Their mission is to pursue their academic careers while promoting cross-cultural communication on campus.

"Posse Foundation got its name because of one student who said he never would have dropped out of college if he had his 'posse' with him. That simple idea, of sending a group (or posse) of students together to college so they could 'back each other up', became the impetus for a program that today has sent hundreds of students to top-tier colleges throughout the United States." (from the Posse Foundation website.)
The Posse Program has succeeded in placing 1,850 students into colleges and universities, with a graduation rate of 90%-- higher than the national rate. Three of our Reference and Instruction Librarians will work with the students to encourage them to make the academic librarians at their colleges their best friends. Research basics, how to use library research databases, and how to navigate the library's resources will be stressed, in addition to information specific to the students' assignments. We look forward to meeting the students and their mentors.

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