Columbia College Chicago

November 6, 2007

Come to the November Critical Encounters salon!

Mark your calendars now for this upcoming Critical Encounters event. Find out more about Critical Encounters and other events on the Critical Encounters web site.

Critical Encounters Salon:

Banker to the Poor: Micro-lending and the battle against world poverty by Muhammad Yunus

Thurs. Nov 29
12:30-1:50pm Library, 3rd floor, 624 S. Michigan

Banker to the Poor is Muhammad Yunus's memoir of how he decided to change his life in order to help the world's poor. In it he traces the intellectual and spiritual journey that led him to fundamentally rethink the economic relationship between rich and poor, and the challenges he and his colleagues faced in founding Grameen. He also provides wise, hopeful guidance for anyone who would like to join him in "putting homelessness and destitution in a museum so that one day our children will visit it and ask how we could have allowed such a terrible thing to go on for so long." The definitive history of micro-credit direct from the man that conceived of it, Banker to the Poor is necessary and inspirational reading for anyone interested in economics, public policy, philanthropy, social history, and business. … In 1983, against the advice of banking and government officials, Yunus established Grameen, a bank devoted to providing the poorest of Bangladesh with minuscule loans. Grameen Bank, based on the belief that credit is a basic human right, not the privilege of a fortunate few, now provides over 2.5 billion dollars of micro-loans to more than two million families in rural Bangladesh.

Facilitators: Rob Watkins and Douglas Mann, President, Global Business Assist the Participants include: Students of “Politics of Poverty in Developing Countries” (Social Science class)

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