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March 5, 2012

eBooks: Safari Books Online

Are you ready to go on Safari?

I’m hoping that you are familiar with the college’s subscription to and are already taking advantage of the hundreds of technology training videos available to Columbia faculty, staff and students free of charge.  But did you know that there are thousands of  technology ebooks available for you use for free through the  Safari Tech Books Online subscription at the Columbia College Chicago Library?

What are Safari Tech Books Online?
Safari Tech Books Online was started in 2001 by O’Reilly Media, Inc. and Pearson Technology Group with the aim of gathering the best technology books available and creating an on-demand digital library.  Today over 40 publishers participate in creating content for this online library of over 15,000 ebooks.  Look for books by publishers such as Adobe Press, Peachpit Press, Microsoft Press, APress, SAMS and more.

What kind of Technology eBooks are available?
One of the advantages of a collection like Safari Tech Books Online is their ability to keep the eBook content up-to-date.  It is easy for Safari to update the online library so that new eBooks can be uploaded as soon as they are released, letting you keep current in your training as software versions change.   You can view a complete listing of eBook categories available which include topics and products that range from Microsoft Office and Adobe Photoshop, to computer programming and Web Design, to accounting and project management, to Skype, Facebook and Twitter.

Where can I find Safari Tech Books Online?
All of the Safari Tech books are discoverable when you search the Library Catalog.  However, if you would like to see just the Safari Tech Book Online collection, click on the Databases A-Z link on the Library’s main page and then scroll down to the Safari Link under the S Tab.

More information about eBooks at Columbia can be found in the eBooks Research Guide.

We'd like to hear from you - faculty are you recommending Safari Tech Books online for your students?  Students - any of your teachers using the Safari Tech Books in your class yet? 

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