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April 25, 2012

TED-ED a new Online Learning Platform

TED, the non-profit organization famous for "Ideas Worth Spreading,"  launched a new online learning platform today as part of its new  TED-Ed education initiative (

Back in March, TED launched a YouTube Channel channel dedicated to educational videos (

The new education platform launched today, TED-Ed features a suite of tools that allow teachers to create their own lessons based on TED videos or any video found on YouTube.  

Teachers can use the pre-made lessons created by TED, customize the TED lessons for their own classes or create new lessons using TED videos or videos found on YouTube.  The TED created videos come with supplementary resources including multiple-choice questions, open-answer questions, and links to more information about the subject.  Teachers can "flip" or customize the TED-Ed lessons to suit their particular curricular needs.  If a teacher "flips" a lesson or creates their own lesson from a TED or YouTube video, the new lesson is given its own private web page that can be distributed to students.  Individual student progress can then be tracked as they complete the assignments.

"The new website is all about what teachers and students can do with those videos," says TED-Ed's Logan Smalley.  "The goal of TED-Ed is for each great lesson to reach and motivate as many learners as possible.  The new website goes a step further, allowing any teacher to tailor video content, create unique lesson plans, and monitor students' progress.   By putting this new technology to use, we hope to maximize time in class and give teachers an exciting tool for customizing  - and encouraging - learning."

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